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Nyloy 30




The original premium quality heavy duty fire truck roller shutter door. Applications for all special purpose vehicles and trucks providing access to cabinets or compartments housing tools, equipment and machinery.



Our Aluminium vehicle shutter, the Nyloy 30 has the following attributes.

Curtain – Heavy duty construction using 30mm extruded aluminium flat faced box section interlocking laths. The laths are retained in position using nylon end locks and spacers fitted with aluminium rivets. Each lath has its own neoprene weather seal to prevent ingress of water.

Bottom Rail – One piece extruded 80mm wide aluminium section with tubular edge for a ‘non-slip’ grip and bottom seal holder.

Side Guides – 2mm thick extruded one piece anodised aluminium channel section 20 x 18.49mm with seal holder and cover trim as standard. A stainless steel channel 16.3mm I/S x 20mm O/S can also be supplied as an option and comes with an anodised aluminium ‘T’ side frame section. An ‘L’ section can also be supplied if fitting behind the pillars.

Seal Surround – The gutter section is supplied as standard incorporating a wiper and tubular seal. A flat top seal holder can be supplied as an alternative complete with neoprene seal. The side seals are supplied as standard either in the one piece track, ‘T’ side frame or ‘L’ section. A neoprene bottom seal is supplied as standard. A sill section is also a standard feature and has an additional built in water barrier which sits behind the shutter in the closed position.

Roller Drum – 63mm diameter tube with a wall thickness of 1.5mm extruded aluminium, supplied pre-tensioned. The roller is fixed to the curtain with nylon hinges.

Brackets – The combination brackets are supplied as standard as they allow a reduced header of 100mm. Galvanised square plates can be supplied as an option with the size depending on the height of the shutter.

Locks – Options include a stainless steel lift bar which can be supplied with key locking, the DRS 19 high security lock or a simple two way key operated lock.

Finishes – The curtain is supplied in mill finish as standard but optional extras include etch anodised finish or powder coated in standard available colours.

Operation – Hand operation. A vertical roof style option is available with 100mm wheel bends or 150mm radius bends, with or without spring roller.

Weight – Approximately 10 kgs/m2


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