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Roller Shutter Repairs on Industrial and Commercial Properties. Dover Roller Shutters offers emergency service and repairs.

You will not get an answering machine or an answering service. The person that answers your phone will assess your needs and dispatch a maintenance engineer to fix your problem should you require such action. In situations such as break-ins, shutters hit by vehicles or shutters jammed open we will ensure you get locked up overnight.

We are a manufacturer of a broad range of roller shutters and therefore replacement materials can generally be obtained within 48 hours. This gives Dover Roller Shutters the ability to provide fast, efficient and cost effective service and repairs. Our Company is committed to providing quality products and fast efficient service. All our service technicians are highly trained and we have stringent Health & Safety systems in place to ensure they work safely on your premises and that your staff and assets are without risk.

Preventative Maintenance

During our many years in business we have established links with many of the UK’s leading businesses and institutions. We provide preventative maintenance and 24 hour emergency repair services to all segments of industry and government; including warehouses, distribution centres, shopping centres, city buildings, car parks, industrial complexes, factories, hotels, public utilities, schools and government and council buildings.

Call us for a proposal covering the following areas for your review and consideration:

  • Services provided by Dover Roller Shutters
  • Benefits of regular maintenance to your roller shutters
  • Schedule of Works performed during maintenance
  • Recommended Service Frequency
  • Proposed Preventative Maintenance Agreement
  • Emergency 24 hour repair service and contact phone number
  • We believe our proposal offers you an opportunity to save money, time and eliminate or limit operational difficulties that may occur with serious failure.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

All machines and mechanical devices benefit from regular programmed maintenance. People generally would agree that it is common sense to have their car serviced regularly and likewise Factory Managers set aside time and money to ensure their plant and equipment is operating efficiently and to reduce down time caused by machine failures.

During our many years of practical experience working in the roller shutter industry we have found that preventative maintenance on a regular basis has the following benefits:

  • prolongs the operating life of roller shutters
  • improves the operation of the roller shutters
  • extends the periods of trouble free operation
  • reduces the incidence of break downs
  • reduces the incidence of component failures
  • reduces the incidence of accidents
  • reduces costs and the inconveniences relating to operational delays
  • reduces the cost of “one off” repairs
  • Improves the response time to breakdowns because we know the location of the shutters and the people on site

When you enter into a preventative maintenance agreement with Dover Roller Shutters we take an inventory of all your industrial/vehicular doors and perform a full inspection to record all relevant details regarding dimensions, slat type, operation etc. Therefore, in the event of damage occurring to one of your roller shutters the information is on file and prompt action in obtaining replacement materials can be taken.

Other Services

The other services provided by Dover Vanguard Roller Shutters include:

  • Supply and installation of new shutters
  • Take down and removal of old roller shutters
  • Replacement of motor units
  • Repair and replacement of damaged rollers, curtains, bottom rails and guide tracks caused through accidents or wear.
  • Inspection and reporting on all types of roller shutters and doors products.
  • The re-spring of rollers in incidents where springs are damaged or broken.
  • Motorisation of roller shutters that are currently hand or chain operated.
  • Installation of remote control operation.
  • Changing the hand of roller shutters i.e. changing the side of operation.
  • Changing the position of roller shutters i.e. new location or change of height.
  • Wiring motor units and adjustment of limit switches
  • The installation of wicket gates into roller shutters as a means to enter or exit the building in both emergency and non emergency situations


We are available to help with any queries you may have, whether it be sales or customer service related, or advice on a technical issue.

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