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High Speed Doors




High speed doors are suitable for most commercial and industrial applications and provide rapid access to factories, warehouses, industrial showrooms. Whilst suitable for all applications, this type of door is commonly used in facilities with environmental extraction systems installed, to better seal off zones within the premises and help prevent contaminants entering the building. The door is comprised of heavy duty PVC material that either rolls up on a drum mechanism or folds up rapidly to allow clear access. Support framework is galvanised steel sheeting custom assembled to support the drive mechanism.



Maximum Size – Up to 6000mm wide x 6000mm high upon request.

Door Types – The door panel is a high cycle, heavy duty PVC curtain that rapidly rises from floor level to fully open via direct drive motorisation. There are two options: MaviRoll and MaviFold. MaviRoll rolls the PVC curtain up and around a drum system, whereas MaviFold folds the PVC curtain up into position at the head of the door rather than roll around a drum. MaviFold is better for large openings.

Door frame – The door structure is galvanised sheet steel folded and laser cut to exacting dimensions and then assembled mechanically with supplemental welds as required. Steel may be anywhere from 1.6mm thick to 3mm thick according to the part and size of the door. The door frame is engineered and manufactured according to stringent Australian Standards.

Door lock – The door is locked into place using a variable speed brake motor.

Door finish – The door perimeter framing is galvanised then powder coated to the colour specified. The heavy duty PVC door panel is typically yellow, dark blue, red or silver and may have visible “view ports” that are clear plastic ultrasonically welded to the main fabric material.

Door operation – The door is motorized using a direct drive heavy duty braked motor, there are no chains, brakes or pulleys. The operation is quiet and very rapid, up to 2 metres per second.

Control options – These are numerous and allow simple push button operation or fully integrated systems with remote controllers, safety infra-red beams, sensor systems and other control systems.

Break Away – The door has a unique break-away system that pops the door curtain out of the tracking system upon impact – then automatically resets the panel back into place without need for expensive manual servicing.

Bottom edge – The bottom edge of the door is curved and soft for safety.

Weight – Varies according to size of door.

Room required for fixing

Generally 300mm side room is needed and 550mm head room is required for MaviRoll, 800mm head room is required for Mavifold and 950mm head room is required for heavy duty F30 Mavifold doors.


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