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The 4EA Panorama Aluminium Roller Shutters are designed as an architectural installation that offers high clear visibility and security that is ideal for shopping malls, airports, retail and car parks.

With a maximum size of 8,000mm by 4,000mm high the 4EA Panorama Aluminium Roller Shutters come in a choice of three finishes, standard mill finish, powder coated and anodised. They are available in punched, solid or a mixture of both to fit in with your requirements and as shown in the photographs can be fitted internally or externally.

Assembled from 101mm by 1.5mm extruded interlocking aluminium laths. The ends of every second lath are fitted with end clips to secure the laths laterally. To read more about the 4EA Panaroma aluminium Roller Shutter please see below.



Curtain – Assembled from 101mm x 1.5mm extruded interlocking aluminium laths. The ends of every second lath are fitted with end clips to secure the laths laterally.

Laths – Available in solid or punched aluminium with 160mm wide x 60mm high slots for visibility and/or ventilation . Slots can be positioned to create a brick bond or inline pattern. For higher security, punched lath area can be strengthened with 1.5mm clear polycarbonate.

Bottom Rail – Consists of robust extruded aluminium section designed to strengthen the lower edge of the aluminium curtain.

Roller Barrel – Constructed from mild steel tube of suitable outside diameter and wall thickness to suit the aluminium roller shutters size. A safety brake is incorporated at the non motor end of a tube motor shutter to fully comply with BS EN 13241-1

Galvanised Side Guides – Comprise of a 90mm x 40mm extruded galvanised guide with a clip on brush strip to eliminate wear and reduce noise.

Galvanised Steel Angles – 78mm x 78mm to support side guides and to form a secure fixing to the structure.

End Plate Brackets – These are of suitable thickness depending on size of door. Minimum 5mm thick.

Finishes – Side guides, angles and end plate brackets are galvanised with an option for powder coating. The side guides, curtain laths and bottom rail are aluminium mill finish with an option for powder coating or anodising.

Hoods / Fascias – Manufactured from galvanised sheet steel.

Operation – Electrically operated by means of a 240v tubular motor or for larger applications via a 3 phase safedrive motor


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